Royal 14k Gold and Gemstone Waist Beads

Royal Waist Beads are handcrafted with 14k gold 2mm thru 4mm beads with 2mm thru 4mm blue sodalite and green onyx gemstones beads on durable beading wire with a 14k lobster claw clasp. *Charms sold separately* This piece can last for years with proper care, making it a great everyday piece!

Sodalite - is a crystal gemstone for those who are oversensitive, defensive, impulsive, or prone to anxiety or panic attacks to stabilize the mind and allow a shift from emotional to rational. Sodalite helps to maintain calm, stable energy.

Green Onyx - is the symbol of restfulness and purity. This soothing stone has the power to relieve you of worries, tension, stress, and fears. It is believed to provide a positive feeling, strong mental support and helps to make wise decisions during your difficulties.

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